Inspire – Nameless

Nameless latest single INSPIRE is an interesting blend of Afro-pop and dancehall. The chorus of the song came to Nameless during a visit to Oloitoktok a year ago. As he watched the sunset with the Kilimanjaro in sight, he was inspired to translate his awe of this beautiful scenery into a love for an African beauty queen. The song is about a passionate love that inspires the heart, mind, body and soul. He finished the song early this year (2017), and decided that it was only fitting to return to the place that INSPIRED the concept to shoot the video.


Concept & Creativity
Video production
Entertainment factor
Nameless, despite being a pioneer still shows that he is still relevant in today's Kenyan music scene. He shows the maturity of a seasoned musician, and the upcoming artists can definitely learn a thing or two from him. Love the track!

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